Personally get to know the traditional process of making the best wines and cava’s from El Penedès. Visit wineries and learn the secrets of the wines and let to know the local varieties: the coupages, the most appropriate wine-pairings, how to properly open the bottle and how to serve the wine or cava to appreciate the best aromas.

Take part in the grape harvest

What do you know about the local grape varieties in El Penedès? Come and take part in the grape harvest at Mas Llagostera. You will learn everything you need to know to identify the white varieties from the area. What are vine shoots, bunches or branches? If you get to know what is done in the vineyard, you will appreciate good wines better.

Conducted wine-tastings

If you want to get to know better the reality of El Penedès you have to take part in a wine-tasting of the area. You can pair the wines with local handmade cheese, typical cocas enramadas, with typical sauces or typical dishes of El Penedès. We have a long wine and cava menu of wineries of El Penedès for you to choose from if you want to do the wine-tasting at home or at the winery. You choose.

Music and art among the vineyards

We can organize a customized wine-tasting with live music and an art performance live. You can be a privileged witness of how a picture is painted while the music is playing, and if you want, you can take part and add your personal touch to a unique work of art.


Show cooking with Km0 products

Have you ever taken part in a show cooking activity? We will show you how to prepare seafood paella with products from nearby. Bring your paper and pen to take notes of every step and triumph when you make it at home or with your friends.


Calçots from ecological production with Protected Geographical Identification (IGP) of Valls. We’ll prepare everything so that you can do your own calçotada from the very beginning. Or if you prefer, we can organize an excursion so that, when you get back, the calçots are ready… with our delicious sauce!!!



If you like walking and enjoying nature you cannot miss our walk among the vineyards. You will get to know the importance of our dry-stone walls and huts, unique in wooded and cultivated areas of the Mediterranean that in El Penedès have been conserved during centuries, the species that have adapted over the years to the wooded areas and the differences among the varieties and plantation types of vines.


We invite you on a photo safari through El Penedès to capture the essence of our lands through the lens of your camera. We will teach you the basic techniques and procedures to achieve high quality images so you can be the envy of your friends on social media.

Also, take advantage of the discounts of Castell Resorts clients to visit the Vil·la Museu of Pau Casals, and learn about his music and him as a composer that was a world model, and that took the name and the history of Catalonia and El Penedès around the whole world.